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Number of meals served since June 2013.

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Kapa Foundation – Offering a helping hand to the needy.

Since June 2013, Kapa Foundation has served tens of thousands of meals in the city of Santa Monica. Our effort continues by serving more than 250 hot and cold meals every single week and growing.

We are currently serving the Ocean Park Community Center and Turning Point Shelters in Santa Monica, CA. We serve in 2 capacities: Cold meals and Hot meals. We serve each once a week, on Tuesdays. We are currently 100% privately financed, and we need your help to continue growing and offsetting the financial burden from our private financing and volunteer efforts.

Please visit our Mission and Vision Statements as well as our Why Support Kapa page, or join our effort now by contributing your tax deductible feeding the homeless donations directly. We believe in a grass roots effort, and we’ve arrived to this point on that basis. We see the impact of our work in the local Santa Monica community through the specific individuals we serve … we long to grow our efforts, but we need your help! We hope that with your generous donations, we can continue to further serve those suffering from hunger in the local Santa Monica and Westside regions of Los Angeles County.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and please feel free to get in touch with us directly about volunteering, donating, or just learning more about Kapa Foundation on our contact page.

Revitalizing the Community

Homelessness has become an epidemic even in a country as wealthy and successful as the United States of America. We have the ability to reinvigorate our local communities and create a cleaner, safer, more closely knit Santa Monica and greater Westside L.A. by helping feed the poor and under-privileged. Kapa Foundation is about inspiring change through nothing more than action

Protecting the Under-Privileged

At the Kapa Foundation we don’t get involved in how or why it happened, we focus on how we can resolve and try to prevent it from further occurring. Our staff is 100% volunteer based, our Funding is 100% internally based. We’ve done all we can to grow to this point, and we’re now seeking more helping hands to continue aiding those who are having trouble aiding themselves.

Planting Seeds for Change

We focus on getting youth involved in our volunteer work. Helping those in need, while teaching our youth to help create a better future. In a society where youth are constantly engaged by entertainment, individualism, and self-promotion, we strive to provide the invaluable experiences of giving back and engaging with one’s community.

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